Yoga for Seniors

By Renea Dennison, Contributor

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This blog has promoted yoga as a healthy practice on a number of occasions. Recently, I came across an article specifically directed towards the advantages of yoga for seniors. The columns’s good points made me realize it was time to write about yoga again and share this important information. You can read the item here.

Specifically, the story addressed three major benefits of yoga for senior health. In fact, that was the title, “3 Benefits of Yoga for Senior Health.” How perfect is that?

Here are the 3 major benefits as described in the piece:

  1. Improves sleeping habits – yoga helps relieve tension. After a yoga workout you will probably feel less anxious which leads to more sleep.
  2. Improves mood – it is a genuine mood booster and those who practice it have a lower risk for depression
  3. Reduces aches and pains – the breathing techniques aid in eliminating the stress that makes pain worse. Moreover, the movements will assist to decrease joint swelling, and increase joint and muscle strength. It aids in increasing functionality as well as flexibility. People who do yoga fall less, and are able to move more easily. Incidentally, less pain also promotes more sleep.

Yoga improves flexibility and balance while helping you stay in shape. Not many exercise plans can make the same claims. What is particularly great about yoga for older adults is that it is a Practice. New practitioners do not have to force themselves into awkward twisted shapes or uncomfortable poses. Everyone starts where they are, and by continual practice (at least 3 times per week), they improve muscle tone, flexibility, and strength over time. Each person goes at their own pace.  My favorite yogi is Adriene Mishler whom I follow on YouTube and Twitter.  She says repeatedly that we should, “Do what feels good.”  She means do what you can, but it should feel good and not painful.

Yoga helps regardless of physical limitations. Even those who are wheelchair bound can perform yoga. Just check out the videos by David Procyshyn if you don’t believe me. You can find a great list of David’s videos and the best order to go through them, as well as a long list of yoga benefits here.

If you are very active, workout regularly, and play sports so you keep fit, I salute you. Even you, however, can gain from yoga. If you are one of the millions who have difficulty keeping in shape, or even walking, then check out David’s videos. You will be amazed at what 3 days a week of yoga can do for you.

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